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The Good Things (Where Was I When Love Came By) (Mono)

9 thoughts on “ The Good Things (Where Was I When Love Came By) (Mono)

  1. Jun 16,  · While here I have bought the "Love Story" set - partly to get my Love fix (couldn't stand not to hear Arthur Lee's genius when in LA of all places!) and partly because I have heard good things about the sound of the "Forever Changes" tracks (the whole album is represented).
  2. Love at first sight. “The leaves began to fall And no one spoke at all But I can't seem to recall When you came along” Suddenly as soon as your heart starts beating for that person, you start noticing subtle, romantic things such as falling leaves. This boy was such an unexpected entrance in her life she can’t even recall when he came along.
  3. Apr 22,  · Choose a monologue you love. Doing so, we will love watching you. If they can’t tell you’re acting, that’s good acting. Related. The Backstage Guide to Delivering a .
  4. One of the common things many anglers do is spool up with much stronger braid than the mono they were using before. It’s easy when pound braid has the diameter of pound mono — but that doesn’t mean it’s automatically the best decision to go with heavy line.
  5. May 11,  · Ironically I discovered my love of mono recordings from listening to SACDs. I was a very early adopter of the SACD format, although I eventually gave up for lack of musical choices. In the early days of SACD, so many of the jazz releases were mono, and I was shocked by how good they sounded.
  6. Oct 29,  · It was good to talk to her— she has confidence in us as tenants, and we have confidence in her as the landlord. We move in less than 45 days. I’m collecting boxes from work, and trying to keep myself from packing all my things right NOW. 🙂 (I already packed my summer clothes- and what do you know, it’s 80 degrees again.).
  7. 18 hours ago · One thing that’s eye opening, are mono records from the 50’s and 60’s. They were able to get quite 3d feeling of space, in mono. So one thing is that, if you get really good at mono mixing and production- and only use mono for awhile- when you get back .
  8. Jun 21,  · I currently have the Rhino Love Story cd, and an original UK mono. You know, I sort of recall the red label re-issue sounding nicer than the original gold label pressing, but the red label was also in better shape. Here is what I have noticed, as far as the U.K. mono mix goes: 1.
  9. Feb 22, - Explore matthewbaranosk's board "Beatles Mono" on Pinterest. See more ideas about The beatles, Rock album covers, Rolling stones album covers pins.

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