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Muslim Holocaust

9 thoughts on “ Muslim Holocaust

  1. A small exhibit in NYC will highlight the little-known stories of Muslims who risked their lives to save Jewish people during the Holocaust.
  2. No The holocoust was a special kind of insanity that was caused by the trauma of WWI. The muslims will establish themselves in Europe in several different ways. The muslims are, like all people, different. Example: A large part of the muslim com.
  3. We all know that European are also responsible for many massacres and Holocaust but it was more for Land Acquisition rather than Religion Domination. And muslim ahev only 1 objective: Islam as religion of whole world. These bastards are still doind same thing that they did in last years.
  4. Arabs, Anti-Semitism, and the Holocaust. The words Islam and Holocaust are rarely associated with one another because of the political and social images of Muslims and the Holocaust. The contrast is due to the tension of the event of the Holocaust and the Muslim responses that have relativized or denied the Holocaust in various forms.
  5. The very phrases "internment" and "concentration camps" instantly conjure up images of the Holocaust or the rounding up of Japanese Americans during World War II. A portrait of Uighur Muslim.
  6. Climate Holocaust, Climate Genocide to kill 10 billion non-Europeans including 3 billion Muslims in near-terminal Muslim Holocaust DAVIES, Nicolas (US writer): "Our post-9/11 wars have probably killed at least 2 million people in the countries we have attacked, occupied or destabilized".
  7. Holocaust denial has its roots in Europe and the United States, and it stretches back to the years immediately following World War II. The Arab and Muslim perception of the Holocaust has never been monolithic, and has often been influenced by the vicissitudes of the Arab-Israeli conflict.
  8. U.S. Democratic leaders on Monday rallied behind a freshman lawmaker on Monday after President Donald Trump and other Republicans attacked her over comments about the Holocaust .
  9. A Muslim “Holocaust remembrance” travesty Feb 1, pm By Andrew Bostom Whether one considers the masses of Muslims who have been flowing into Europe as (primarily) economic refugees, proud hijra colonists “quietly” Islamizing the continent, or both, these newly arrived votaries of Islam express an unabashed Islamic Jew-hatred.

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